Compustar PRO 2WR3 with LTE Drone

Compustar PRO 2WR3 with LTE Drone

Compustar Pro 2-Way RFX Bundle w/ LTE Module

 Small remote, huge features with up to 2-miles of remote start range.

2-way, 1-button remote upgrade kit for adding 2-miles of range and LTE connectivity to any Compustar remote starter. Includes a 2-way, water-resistant remote capable of up to 2-miles of range. Backed by an industry-leading 3-year PRO warranty.

Don't forget to add Alarm features for $150  with a 4-in-1 security sensor that detects two stages of impact/intrusion, tilt, forward motion, and now: glass-breakage and turn this system into a true powerhouse!

** Installed price includes most vehicles, please call for details.